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September 21, 2023

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Road transportation is a crucial component of business logistics. However, In recent years, it has become more complex due to cost reduction pressures and regulatory compliance. Now, we all want a fast and easy way to find the best route for our shipments. Using an Excel spreadsheet for this task is time-consuming and challenging. When you tackle a route optimisation problem through the traditional method, it takes time and money to find the best solution. However, route optimization software can provide a solution in seconds.

Route optimisation software from Adiona can give you the information you need quickly and accurately.

How Adiona route optimisation solution can help your company?

Reduced Fuel Cost

The fuel cost depends upon the distance travelled by the vehicle and the fuel consumption. Route planning software helps to calculate the distance travelled by the vehicle and also shows the alternative optimised routes to reach the desired destination.

Less Down Time

With the help of route optimisation software, you can set up different routes for different periods like morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime. It helps you know the route which will have less traffic during that period.

Avoids Traffic Congestion

Most people use the same route daily, which causes heavy traffic during certain periods on that particular route. By using route optimisation software, you can avoid these congestions on your way to delivery. It provides dynamic information for identifying a better route at the instant.  

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction increases the likelihood of repeat orders. It ensures that delivery drivers arrive at the correct time, including early for customers who cannot be home at the scheduled time.

You can increase your customer satisfaction by offering more convenient delivery times and date options.

The route optimisation software is a must-have for owners who are looking to streamline their delivery process. It helps you to find the best route for your vehicles and deliveries, saving money on fuel and improving customer service.

Contact us now to try the Adiona route optimisation software free for 14 days and see how much efficiency you get using it.