Identify costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically

Don't let history repeat itself

Our AI uses machine learning models and large amounts of your historical data to automatically map your processes. Once mapped, we re-create the journey of items or services through your existing systems.

From there, benchmark measurements of time and cost are established and efficiency levels are determined. All of this can be done with extracted data from ERPs, WMSs, TMSs, Excel, or by integration with our FlexOps API for continuous real-time intelligence and improvement.

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Automatically fix imperfect data

You can’t fix what you can’t see — every organisation has problems with their data. FlexOps detects common issues like redundancies or bad geocodes and provides tools to fix them. And the FlexOps optimisation algorithms are built to work with even imperfect data in the real world.

AI-powered business intelligence

FlexOps Diagnostics identifies costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically, allowing you to prioritise your improvement plan. It goes beyond what manual or traditional BI investigations can do and uncovers hidden opportunities that even the most efficient organisations can improve with.

Identify opportunities automatically

  • Inefficient manual or semi-automated scheduling, booking, or routing practices

  • Utilisation variations across fleets leading to instability

  • Handling steps (sorting, packing, scanning) that create bottlenecks and cause delays

  • Poorly designed prioritisation, FIFO, or vehicle packing processes

  • Over/under utilised assets

  • High-cost reverse logistics processes

  • Last-mile delays due to parking, traffic, weather, human error, or more.

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FlexOp Diagnostics

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A suite of automation and optimisation tools that can be integrated into almost any IT stack.

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FlexOps Command

Combines our Diagnostics and API systems on a customisable map-based user interface.

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