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  • Identify opportunities for improvement across costs, routes, delivery capacity, fleet management, and customer satisfaction

  • Bring all of your data together for unrivaled transparency, visibility, and control over your entire workflow

  • Run scenarios to evaluate purchasing decisions or fleet changes to save weeks of manual work and ensure the best outcome

Fleet operator using Adiona FlexOps Fleet Simulator software on desktop computer
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"Adiona worked quickly to understand our business then delivered an innovative solution that drove measurable value."

Stuart Comino
Former General Manager for Direct to Consumer
Coca-Cola Euro-Pacific Partners

"With Adiona we were able to make great gains in efficiencies, reducing overall kilometers, fuel costs and allowing our contractors to better utilize their time."

Richard McKenzie
National Manager, Neverfail
Coca-Cola Euro-Pacific Partners

"Instead of 7 deliveries on a truck, we are getting 10 or 11. It's become automatic with Adiona's platform."

Talal Kanj
National Warehouse & Logistics Manager
King Living

"Adiona reduced our delivery planning time by 78%, improved our customer service levels to 99.52% on-time and in-full delivery, and have helped us achieve 653% growth and rank 11th in the Deloitte Fast 50."

Jordan Muir
Home Delivery Service

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