See how Adiona FlexOps works in real settings

We’ve populated some real world use cases from our customers to demonstrate how Adiona is delivering optimizations across a number of opportunities in route planning. See for yourself!


A run through of how our algorithm create routes using EV-specific factors beyond our classic truck, van, and bike routing.

FlexOps for EVs

FlexOps Command

Get to know the navigation, customizations, and features of FlexOps Command.

FlexOps Command
FlexOps Command

FlexOps Fleet Simulator

See how Fleet Simulator selects the optimal delivery distribution and fleet configuration between vans, trucks, EVs, and cargo bikes, and assigns them to depots.

FlexOps Fleet Simulator
FlexOps Fleet Simulator

Radius Routing

Parking is one of the hardest parts of a delivery driver's day. Use Radius Routing to minimize parking locations for driver satisfaction and efficiency.

FlexOps Command
Adiona Radius Routing

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