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The logistics and supply chain industry is a critical part of the way we live but the complexity of it is not well understood. Last-mile routing is the shortest part of the trip, while also being the most complicated, expensive, and variable. Adiona is working to simplify this complexity, using machine learning and proprietary algorithms to identify the most efficient route - whether that efficiency is based on fuel consumption, distance, time on the road, EV range, or any other factor.

We’re improving the bottom line for fleet owners and managers, reducing CO2 emissions, and giving your customers the best experience.

In 2023, we saved...


gallons of fuel


in costs (USD)


miles driven


kg of CO2e

Our Values


Efficiency and sustainability

We're embracing technology as a solution to the significant inefficiencies within supply chains, to reduce waste and emissions, and improve sustainability outcomes.

Critical Role of Supply Chain in Global Economy

Supply chains are the backbone of the global economy. We can move goods and services to where they are needed, without negative impacts to people and the planet.

Human-Centric Technological Advancements

People are at the core of our values, using technology to improve conditions for workers, increase their safety, and reduce the negative health impacts of the transport industry.

Our brand story

Adiona Tech draws inspiration from our namesake. Part of a pair with Abeona, the goddess of outward journeys, Adiona ensures the safe return of children and travelers. Mirroring this mission, Adiona Tech is dedicated to optimizing journeys with a safe return to the depot, ready to go out again on the next route.


We’re incredibly proud of our team and we’re grateful to be recognised for all the work that we’ve done from 2023, with numerous local and international awards.

Australasian Fleet Champions Awards - Global Fleet Champions!

Adiona Tech takes home the top honor at the Australian Technologies Competition for Sustainable Cities, Communities, and Transport!

Adiona Tech receives High Commendation from the Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards for Automation, Robotics, or Emerging Technology

PepsiCo’s Greenhouse Accelerator Program Finalist

KPMG Supply Chain Future Tech Winner

ASCLA Supply Chain Start-up of the Year

Australian “Tech For Good” Climate Action

Post and Parcel Int’nl Last-Mile Innovation

Tech Week Singapore “For Good” Winner

Endeavour Award Finalist

Investment NSW Grant Winner

Australian Research Council Grant Winner

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Telstra is not only an Adiona partner, but an investor in the business. This relationship gives our customers access to the most comprehensive network of hardware, software, IoT, and managed services.

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