In a moving world, innovation can't sit still

We help move people and goods more efficiently in an increasingly urbanized world.

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People are flocking to live in cities at an increasing rate. Cities are struggling under the weight of increasing congestion, gentrification, and the growth of eCommerce. And the transport sector contributes the highest single share of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Modern technology including AI and commercial mathematics in the cloud can help offset a significant portion of these problems. Adiona is dedicated to that potential.

  • Seamless access to goods and movement with minimal frustration and pollution.

  • Improved quality of life in cities by minimizing the effects of transport and logistics.

  • The social benefits of city life with less negative side effects of transport and logistics.

How we do it?

The 4th Industrial Revolution is the convergence of many technological advances into one sweeping global evolution. Using data science, AI, cloud technology, and the human expertise to combine them meaningfully, we help by providing:

  • Dynamic, real-time, decision support for mobility, transportation, logistics.

  • Help companies innovate, to save money, and to deliver better customer experiences and lower the impact transport and logistics has on our cities and its people.

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Telstra is not only an Adiona partner, but an investor in the business. This relationship gives our customers access to the most comprehensive network of hardware, software, IoT, and managed services.

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