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Streamline all your deliveries in one app and connect your drivers in real-time

Discover the future of streamlined deliveries

Drivers can efficiently maintain routes and deliveries, react to updates in real-time, easily handle all last-minute issues with live tracking and share proof of delivery. The easy-to-use app provides you with real-time tracking and visibility. The huge improvements in productivity can lead to higher on-time delivery rates, ultimately resulting in higher customer loyalty and referrals.

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Delivery driver unpacking parcels from van

Real-time visibility and tracking

Your dispatch team has access to drivers’ locations and activities in real time, including productivity, performance, traffic and safety conditions. Identify last-minute issues, make ad hoc changes, and provide accurate ETA tracking to customers, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Proof of pick-up and signature on delivery

Once you’re on the road, drivers use the proof-of-delivery feature to easily upload photos, record signatures, scan barcodes, and make any relevant notes before marking a stop as complete.


Live map interface

While drivers are on the road, you can’t predict what might happen. With our live map interface, get notifications when drivers go off-route or identify recurring route patterns that impact performance. Pull this into FlexOps Command for future optimizations.


Multi-device integrations

The Adiona app integrates with multiple devices so dispatchers and drivers don’t have to constantly share updates, creating less back and forth and more efficiency in getting the latest message out.

Communicate directly with your drivers in real-time

  • Instantly adapt to last-minute changes with live tracking and route management.

  • Automated customer notifications ensure precise delivery estimates and tracking, minimizing the chances of delivery failures.

  • Drivers can create routes, react to updates in real-time, share proof of delivery, and update addresses or customer-requested drop points from the field.

  • Multi-device integration with your route planning web platform

Adiona mobile app showing list of assigned stops, on an iPhone held in hand

Here's an example

The scenario

A last minute call from a customer comes in after the shift has already started and drivers have begun their routes. The dispatcher sees that this customer’s pickup is along the route of one of the drivers, and wishes to alert the driver to the additional stop in their route. They need to tell the driver where to go, what to pickup, and how to get back on track with minimal delays.

How it works

  • Effortless Route Assignment

    The dispatcher uses the Adiona mobile app to push an updated route directly to the driver. The app automatically updates driving directions and assigns accurate ETAs to each stop per parcel.

  • Live Tracking and Adaptive Route Management

    While your drivers are on the move, their real-time locations and activities are communicated back to your dispatch team. Drivers receive and respond swiftly to any sudden changes, maintaining a dynamic and responsive delivery process.

  • Streamlined Proof of Delivery

    Upon arrival, drivers can utilize the app to capture photos and obtain customer signatures directly, serving as irrefutable proof of delivery. Enhance accountability and transparency throughout your delivery process, all within a user-friendly mobile application. Drivers can also update the optimal drop location details for next time.

The results

The driver successfully receives the updates, completes the pickup, and moves to the next delivery on time according to the new ETA. They maintain their routes and deliveries, react to updates in real time, easily handle all last-minute issues with live tracking, and share proof of delivery. The result is improved productivity leading to higher on-time delivery rates, and ultimately resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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