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Rich data sources create richer insights, but it can be difficult to get data integrations set up. Here’s how Adiona makes it simple.

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An end-to-end solution

Conveniently house your data in Adiona FlexOps 



Upload historical data and route live data through an API, keeping your data where you’ve already got it


Your data, your workflow

Retain ownership of your data, save development time with our API, and start optimizing without disturbing your existing workflows.

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Tenants, Permissions, and User Management

All Adiona customers receive their own tenant and logins. All users within a tenant have the same permissions, and users can be added or managed via the admin area.

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Personal Identifiable Information and Data Security

Our platform rejects unnecessary PII from being uploaded or stored in FlexOps. We do not need PII and this also helps you keep your customers' information secure. We are GDPR compliant and have undergone extensive third party security and compliance testing (and passed!)

Setup and Scalability

Adiona FlexOps is cloud native and has no problem scaling to match your needs as they grow. Setup is as simple as registering a tenant and immediately being able to connect data sources. Our team can walk you through this and assist in data connections.

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Explore our technologies

FlexOps Command icon

FlexOps Command

Combines our Diagnostics and API systems on a customizable map-based user interface.

For fleets and logistics operators
FlexOps API

FlexOps API

A suite of automation and optimization tools that can be integrated into almost any IT stack.

Built for developers
FlexOp Diagnostics

FlexOps Diagnostics

Identify costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically, allowing you to prioritize your improvement plan.

AI-powered machine learning
2D graphic illustration of moving trucks

FlexOps Fleet Simulator

Quantify and optimize your vehicle purchase and deployment decisions, infrastructure plans based on real operational requirements.

For next-gen low-emission fleets

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