Comply with and govern your ESG requirements for vehicle fleets

Streamline your compliance journey with a fast and easy measurement system without additional hardware.

Sustainability reporting has become a corporate requirement

Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions from logistics and vehicle fleets are coming under scrutiny for both corporate and client reporting. Extract emissions measurements from FlexOps data, to benchmark performance, identify opportunities to reduce your emissions, and track progress towards your sustainability targets. 

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Adiona EmissionSense software dashboard and ICE view

Calculate and monitor emissions

With options for ICE and EVs, accurately monitor your fleet’s emissions and account for vehicle model, fuel consumption, route details, and other factors.


Integrate with existing systems

Extract data from FlexOps optimized routes, as well as your existing ERP and other reporting systems via API or CSV upload.


Track your progress

Share your progress towards emissions goals on a dashboard, for sustainability managers and stakeholders alike.


Simulate and plan

Optimize delivery routes based on lowest emissions, plan your fleet electrification and roll out, and simulate what alternate depot configurations could mean for low- and no-emissions vehicles.

Check you emissions data

Speak to our team and get an overview of what the data sources you already have can do for you, and where Adiona can fill in the gaps.

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Explore our technologies

FlexOps Command icon

FlexOps Command

Combines our Diagnostics and API systems on a customizable map-based user interface.

For fleets and logistics operators
FlexOps API

FlexOps API

A suite of automation and optimization tools that can be integrated into almost any IT stack.

Built for developers
FlexOp Diagnostics

FlexOps Diagnostics

Identify costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically, allowing you to prioritize your improvement plan.

AI-powered machine learning
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FlexOps Fleet Simulator

Quantify and optimize your vehicle purchase and deployment decisions, infrastructure plans based on real operational requirements.

For next-gen low-emission fleets
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Achieve your ESG goals

  • Benchmark your current emissions and set achievable targets for your logistics and vehicle fleet operations

  • Track progress towards your targets and report to stakeholders on that progress

  • Manage compliance to sustainability requirements and adhere to local and international regulations

What the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards mean for fleets

The Australian government has passed the bill for the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards. What does it mean for fleet owners and operators in the logistics industry?

What does the new mandatory climate reporting mean for logistics services

From January 2025, Australian companies above a certain size will be required to report on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Here’s what suppliers who fall into Scope 3 need to know

Understanding Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions for Logistics and Delivery Companies

Understanding emissions, scopes, and what you’re required to include in mandatory reporting is convoluted and unclear. Read this explainer specific for logistics and delivery companies.

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