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Bring all of your data together into one place, giving you unrivalled transparency, visibility, and control over your entire workflow. With Adiona, optimize your routes at scale, in minutes. Reduce costs while increasing delivery capacity, drive higher satisfaction scores for both customers and drivers, and reach your Net Zero goals.

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Model at scale

Large datasets are no problem, simulate multiple scenarios, at speed and scale. Access advanced hub and spoke, MFC, and EV/AV tools to design tomorrow’s last-mile network.


Build a command center

Analyze and plan your whole network with a top-down approach. The visibility unlocked by Adiona drives efficiency across the entire network, not ad hoc, piecemeal initiatives.


Account for the unpredictable

Hit delivery targets without disruption even as the situation changes in real time. Adiona factors in real-time traffic and changes or updates in stops and routes, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Integrate all your data sources

Integrate with fleet management systems and telematics systems using our RESTful API.


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Start streamlining your operations

  • Reduce inefficient or redundant trips

  • Deliver 26% more per shift

  • Reduce planning and scheduling time by 80%

  • Reduce cost per delivery by 11%

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Here's an example

The scenario

A logistics manager wants to reduce manual tasks and repetitive work for their team, aiming for more efficient fleet management. They have identified the need to improve data management, which is currently scattered across paper, maps, and spreadsheets. Their goal is to introduce a system that automates route planning based on their fleet's unique setup and enables easy communication of ad hoc changes to drivers while they are en route.

How it works

  • Import Data

    The API engine effortlessly transfers data from the client's ERP system into the Adiona engine, allowing for easy bulk updates anytime.

  • Generate Models

    FlexOps consolidates and synchronizes data from all your fleets into a single platform, generating models for your logistics network within minutes. This revolutionizes fleet management, enabling data-driven decision-making.

  • Automate Dispatch

    FlexOps automates the dispatch process by utilizing a map-based tool. It streamlines route planning, facilitates communication of ad hoc changes to drivers, and sends real-time notifications automatically.

The results

The software reduces manual work in back-office scheduling, automates consignment distribution and correct ordering, and minimizes time spent on manual communication of ad hoc changes to drivers. This results in reduced errors and consistent, easily readable information and data, which is used to improve decision making.

Moreover, the time saved allows the team to undertake new strategic projects aimed at enhancing route efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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FlexOps API

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FlexOps Fleet Simulator

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