Plan and manage your fleet’s electrification transition

Simulate and optimize your delivery routes based on EV-specific factors such as range limitation and influences on performance.

The transition to EVs is still in its infancy

Few organizations have extensive experience in planning and transitioning commercial fleets into EVs. Bridge the experience gap and gain confidence in your transition with FlexOps.

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FlexOps for EVs scenarios

FlexOps includes EV-specific algorithms that account for factors such as battery performance in varied conditions, range, cargo weight, temperature, altitude, and more.

Optimize for ROI

Simulate different vehicle models in FlexOps Fleet Simulator and calculate TCO before committing to a purchase. FlexOps includes a database of OEM EVs to run your simulations with, or create your own.

Reach Net Zero faster

Forecast, measure, and track your emissions against your ESG or Net Zero targets, and optimize your routes for maximum impact on your ESG metrics.

Aerial view of warehouse and parked trucks

Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for EVs

Fuel and infrastructure costs are  often still smaller than the overall labour to drive the fleet, so looking at route planning and labour costs of the overall network is a critical part of planning a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) fleet transition. You can now do this easily with Adiona's new ZEV TCO optimization tools.

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How the logistics industry can achieve ESG goals

Adiona provides insights on how logistics industry are going to address ESG issues, offering practical steps and emphasizing transparency, accurate reporting, and promotion of sustainability efforts.


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FlexOps Command

Combines our Diagnostics and API systems on a customizable map-based user interface.

For fleets and logistics operators
FlexOp Diagnostics

FlexOps Diagnostics

Identify costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically, allowing you to prioritize your improvement plan.

AI-powered machine learning
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FlexOps Fleet Simulator

Quantify and optimize your vehicle purchase and deployment decisions, infrastructure plans based on real operational requirements.

For next-gen low-emission fleets

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