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From production to delivery, integrate your data sources in Adiona to optimize your network, no matter how complex it is. Use demand, inventory, delivery priority, and fleet availability data to automate planning at depots, increase customer satisfaction, reduce delays, and have continual visibility and control from end to end.

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Continuous improvement, automatically

Continuous Machine Learning (CML)

The more data that flows through Adiona, the better the algorithms become for your specific organization. The system is constantly learning and improving, and provides feedback to show you how. For example, we track the real service time for each customer, which can vary greatly between commercial, residential, regional, or high density areas. This is fed back into the optimizations for superior results.

Built from the ground up for developers

The Adiona RESTful API can be integrated into almost any IT stack. More than just a route optimizer, FlexOps is an organization optimizer. Built to minimize cost and time while prioritizing customer service levels and on-time delivery, it gives you control. Access the latest documentation here and start planning tens of thousands of jobs in just minutes.

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How we make data integrations simple and secure.

Data Management & Security

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FlexOps Command

Combines our Diagnostics and API systems on a customizable map-based user interface.

For fleets and logistics operators
FlexOp Diagnostics

FlexOps Diagnostics

Identify costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically, allowing you to prioritize your improvement plan.

AI-powered machine learning
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FlexOps Fleet Simulator

Quantify and optimize your vehicle purchase and deployment decisions, infrastructure plans based on real operational requirements.

For next-gen low-emission fleets

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