FLEXOPS Fleet Simulator

Simulate fleet pilot and purchase decisions for optimized results

Input real operational requirements for your fleet to get accurate results

Run hundreds of scenarios with your organization’s real data to evaluate purchasing decisions or fleet changes before you roll them out. Save weeks of time spent on manual assessment and equip yourself with accurate and reliable data to reach the best possible outcome.

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Calculate Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the core information you need to invest in mixed fleets of Internal Combustion (ICE), Hydrogen Fuel Cell (FCV), ad Battery Electric (BEV) vehicles.

Control your exposure

Optimize capital expenditure and operating expenses over different time horizons, accounting for technology and operational evolution to create a realistic plan.

Become more sustainable

Identify low cost and low disruption opportunities to transition into a more sustainable fleet.

Prioritize demand

Ensure that current, seasonal, and projected customer demand is satisfied as the top priority.

Plan for the long term

  • Simulate your expansion into new territories

  • Integrate your telematics to measure your emissions

  • Design your fuelling infrastructure based on proprietary needs, public availability, and cost

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Here's an example

The scenario

A parcel distributor wants to achieve Net Zero by 2030, and to do so will need to transition 90% of their diesel truck and van fleet to alternative sustainable transport modes.

They want to use cargo bikes (CB) in dense short-range areas, battery electric vans and trucks (BEV) in areas less than 200km from their depots, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) between their depots and to/from the airports.

How it works

  • Normalize Data

    Use FlexOps Diagnostics to normalize data into a standard format, and create a baseline model of existing operations. 

  • Identify the low hanging fruit

    FlexOps identifies the ‘low hanging fruit’ to swap in CB, BEV, or FCV at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and within the realistic timelines of the company.

  • Run simulations

    They run multiple simulations across different time horizons and regions to see where and when they should invest in new vehicles and fueling infrastructure.

The results

The results for one major city hub:

Year 1

They pilot cargo bikes out of a single city hub and pilot 12 BEVs on the short-range routes suggested by FlexOps.

Year 2

They expand CBs to 5 urban hubs based on FlexOps models, expand BEVs to 40 vans, and implement their first regional FCV trials.

Year 3

They have validated the CAPEX and OPEX models with a business case, budget, and real-world pilot evidence required to hit Net Zero by 2030. Shareholders rejoice!

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