Logistics Optimization

How Can ADIONA Improve Delivery Operation Instantly?

November 22, 2021

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Being in the supply chain business is not an easy affair. You need to ensure that your delivery operations are well-strategized and efficiently executed to thrive in the hyper-competitive market.

If you happen to be a logistics operator, keen to embrace dynamic delivery route optimisation software, you can trust ADIONA. Here’s how the platform can help you plan, automate, and manage your fleet -

Everything will be under your control.

ADIONA Command will allow you to track, staminate, and strategize your entire fleet in the well-organized map-based user interface. It will be ideal for individual and independent fleets in all aspects up to top ASX100 logistics operators.

Great benefit for the developers

The ADIONA RESTful APIis almost compatible with all the It stacks. It can act not only as a route optimizer but can perform efficiently as an organization optimizer. It is built so that the cost of production can be minimized while marinating on-time delivery and customer service levels. It also facilitates visibility and control on the larger fleets.

Imperfectly data can be fixed automatically.

Every organization has to deal with some problems with their data. FlexOps is very efficient in detecting these minor issues like bad geocode and redundancies. The FlexOps optimization algorithms are so built that they can work perfectly even with imperfect data.

Automation of the larger fleets effortlessly.

Most of the root optimizers lag because they use the algorithm of the ’70s. It becomes a great challenge for these optimizers to manage a fleet of 1000 people per day. Managing fleets of more than 1000 people per day is a piece of cake for Adiona.It is capable of robust, customizing, and returning the result within some fractions of seconds for any combination, whether static or dynamic.  

Our logistics optimisation software optimises how every item will flow in your system, considering the complexity of every aspect. It manages the customer service levels perfectly, reduces any delay, and shows excellent visibility at every step. It does a great job in analyzing demands and inventories, prioritizing delivery orders, and the availability of the employers so that you can have a perfect plan for your business.  

Powerful business intelligence

FlexOps Diagnostics can effortlessly identify costly in efficiencies and bottlenecks, which helps you arrange your improvement plan accordingly. It can surpass what traditional BI Investigation can do and uncover the lucrative opportunities that can benefit the company in numerous ways.

With ADIONA supply chain optimisation software, managing your fleet and logistics will be a cakewalk. Connect with us today to know more about our route optimisation solution - 14 Daysfree trial available!