Logistics Optimization

How Adiona can improve your delivery operation

June 11, 2024

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You’ve found your way to our website, so we’re going to make a safe assumption that you’re in the logistics industry and looking for a solution to easily help optimize your delivery network. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s take a look at the key features Adiona offers to help:

  1. API compatibility

We know you’ve already got systems you like in place, so we’re not here to replace them.

Adiona’s RESTful API can be integrated into almost any IT stack to help you visualize and optimize your entire network, from production to delivery. See FlexOps API for more info. 

  1. Dynamic route optimization

With challenges like traffic, road closures, speed limits, and the behavior of other drivers doing their best to keep you from getting your deliveries out on time, finding the road less traveled can make a significant difference to your network’s productivity. Of course, with one run of 10 deliveries alone presenting millions of possible routes for a driver to take, it’s best to leave the job of setting a route to technology.

Adiona’s route optimization technology can analyze hundreds of thousands of stops in minutes, helping you plan your entire network. At the same time, it can communicate with individual drivers directly, sending routes and any changes to your fleet in real time.

  1. Data correction

While you might strive to collect good data, certain systems can sometimes offer information that’s less than ideal. In many cases, something’s still better than nothing. 

Adiona’s FlexOps algorithms can account for imperfect and incomplete data, and include tools to detect and fix common issues such as redundancies and bad geocodes, ensuring that your operation isn’t hamstrung by data quality.  

  1. Automation

Seeing your business grow is exciting, but with scale come new challenges, particularly if you have manual processes that are now becoming unmanageable. Routing three delivery vehicles each day may be relatively easy for a fledgling company, but routing a fleet of 1,000 requires some powerful tools.

Adiona can automate various processes across your operation, taking on everything from route optimization and driver dispatch to data management and analysis. 

  1. Business intelligence 

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, so being able to surface important insights across your business is crucial to boosting productivity and improving your bottom line.

Adiona’s product suite can power your strategic decision making by allowing you to input your operational requirements and simulate the results for various scenarios. FlexOps Fleet Simulator can run hundreds of scenarios with your real data, for example allowing you to simulate your expansion into new territories, the impact of transitioning to a more sustainable fleet, and more.

FlexOps Diagnostics, on the other hand, helps you learn from the past by using machine learning and historical data to map your processes, re-create your delivery operations, and identify opportunities for improvement across areas such as fleet management, routes, delivery capacity, handling, and more.