How to Use FlexOps Fleet Simulator for Multi Modal Truck + Van + EVan + Bikes

Use these powerful new workflows to simulate your existing network and run pilots with different vehicle types.

Adiona Platform Update - Feb 2023

You now have the power to simulate complex multi-modal fleet combinations, add or delete last minute jobs, and many other platform enhancements.

Adiona Platform Update - August 2022 Feature Release

New features released on the Adiona dynamic logistics and delivery route planning and optimization platform

Adiona Platform Update - May 2022 Feature Release

The latest platform updates and new features for Adiona's delivery planning, automation, and optimization API and apps.

START-UP OF THE YEAR: Adiona takes home top prize at the 60th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards.

Winning this inaugural award at the 60th Annual ASCLA event reinforces the demand for innovation and sustainability solutions that the supply chain industry is no longer just asking for, but demanding. Read Adiona CEO Richard Savoie's thoughts on what it means for the future.

Should You Invest in Logistics Optimization Software?

Are you one of those businesses that manage their warehouses effectively but still cannot fulfil orders on time?

Achieve End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility With a Logistics Optimization Software

The supply chains have evolved today. From regular connections, they have now become huge supply chain networks between clients and suppliers.

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