START-UP OF THE YEAR: Adiona takes home top prize at the 60th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards.

September 21, 2023

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We are thrilled to announce that Adiona has been awarded Start-Up of the Year at the 60th Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) awards. (ASCLA60). This recognition is a testament to our team's dedication and the innovative solutions we provide in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Receiving this prestigious award in the highly competitive inaugural Start-Up category is a source of great motivation for our entire team. It underscores the growing demand for innovation and sustainability solutions among members of the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA). These solutions are no longer merely requested but actively sought after by industry professionals.

At Adiona, we are committed to building a more sustainable and resilient supply chain. We believe in taking care of both our planet and each other, and we are determined to shape a brighter future starting today.

This achievement also provides us with a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect, and celebrate how far we've come. It reminds us of the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in the fields of logistics, supply chain management, technology, and artificial intelligence.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. Together, we can build tomorrow's world, today.

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