Logistics Optimization

Features of Delivery Route Optimisation for Logistics Operators

September 17, 2021

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The pandemic has changed a lot of things for the world. We can say that the entire world is optimising as per the new COVID-19 era.Similarly, the production and delivery strategies also demand efficient delivery route optimisation to meet the customer needs.

On this note, let us see what the “new” logistics operators should have in their system.

Must-Have Features of a Logistics Software

●       Order Management

How are you supposed to deal with high volume online orders?

The logistics optimisation should have an integrated feature that monitors as well as tracks the order right from the manufacturing point to the delivery location.

●       Inventory Management

Keeping a track of your inventory and optimising the cost is one of the difficult tasks in the logistics industry. For this, you can have a tagging system including barcode, QR, or RFID in your distribution software to track missing, damaged, or return items efficiently.

●       Supply Chain Management

The entire crux of the logistics industry relies on how well they manage the flow of goods and services, right from the manufacturing unit to the delivery location. With efficient supply chain management in your system, you can create a balance between different teams involved in the delivery process and provide better customer services.

●       Warehouse Management

A warehouse management feature in the distribution software allows the organisations for hassle-free operations. Your software should include features like customised prices, quick invoices, electronic notifications, and barcode scanning to improve the delivery process.

●       Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility is one of those features that is thoroughly appreciated by the customers. Customers like real-time tracking of their ordered goods as well as instant communication on any shipping details. Furthermore, it also helps the dispatchers to be ready for last-minute orders, requests, or cancellations.

●       Forecasting

Forecasting or predictive data analytics is another brilliant feature that provides demand forecasts on recent shopping trends, order history, and buying behaviours of the customers. You can use this to learn more about the customers and establish a long-term relationship with them.

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