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An Adiona Tech report on US transport electrification priorities

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Electrifying just 5 large combination trucks is as beneficial as 100 households buying an EV

The transportation industry is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, with the majority of emissions coming from passenger and freight vehicles. The electrification of transportation is becoming a higher priority for many industries. This ebook explores:

  • The important differences between electrifying fleets compared to passenger vehicles

  • Regional trends in emissions, congestion, efficiency, and progress

  • The trajectory and opportunities of the US vehicle manufacturing industry

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Fleet operator using Adiona FlexOps Fleet Simulator software on desktop computer

About Adiona

Backed by KPMG and Pepsi Co, Adiona Tech is a Sydney-based logistics technology company. It powers millions of efficient product deliveries for some of the world's biggest brands – such as Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.

Adiona’s AI-powered delivery route planning and optimization engine applies machine learning to real traffic data to lower delivery costs, reduce vehicles emissions and help businesses get to Net Zero faster. For delivery companies switching to EVs, its fleet simulator enables customers to optimize their fleet purchase, deployment, and infrastructure plans.

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