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48% last-mile drive time reduction for Coca-Cola


  • 48% average reduction in delivery drive time
  • 36% average reduction in delivery distance
  • 7Mt reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions
  • 11% cost reduction per unit delivered

Coca-Cola’s Neverfail Springwater cuts delivery time by 48% and reduces greenhouse emissions by 7 metric tons per year with Adiona.

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners’ General Manager for Neverfail Spring Water, Stuart Comino, came to Adiona to solve avery specific problem. Many of the company’s water delivery routes were underperforming because drivers visited customers on a set schedule, regardless of their needs. That meant Neverfail was wasting resources on unnecessary visits—over-servicing some customers while under-servicing others.

Stuart and his team decided to try Adiona’s FlexOps software to optimize demand planning. However, after importing a largevolume of data into Adiona’s system, they discovered a goldmine of opportunitythrough modern, AI-based route optimization.

Adiona worked with Neverfail to create a fully customized API end-point solution that integrated into Neverfail’s existing territory planning and route optimization system. The API was easy to integrate into Neverfail’s existing IT stack by writing a few scripts to import and export the necessary data.

Just 4 weeks after evaluating Adiona, Neverfail experienced:

  • A 48% reduction in averagedelivery drive times
  • A 36% reduction in averagedistances traveled by drivers
  • An astounding 11% reduction in the overall cost per unit delivered

Neverfail achieved these metrics, all while spending $0 upfront in capital expenditure.

Flexibility in a dynamic market

Water delivery is a complex, dynamic market, with new customers constantly joining the roster and others leaving. The industry also experiences shifts in seasonal demand, with construction and mining sites requiring more water during the hot, summer months. Adonia’s FlexOps allows Neverfail to seamlessly adapt to these changes.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic saw knowledge workers leaving their offices to work from home. Many businesses canceled their water delivery service, but some portion was absorbed by workers having water delivered to their homes. This introduced a new level of complexity when it came to route planning, but FlexOps allowed Neverfail to take the changes in stride.

The ripple effect of route optimization

Stuart and his team managed to maintain these improvements and reap the rewards in the form of greater profits, but the benefits didn’t end there. Thanks to a cutting-edge approach to delivery operations, Neverfail saw dramatic improvements in the following areas:

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 7 metric tons per year
  • An over 40% increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Reduced driver-contractor turnover due to higher job satisfaction

Neverfail ultimately achieved a level of area consolidation that the team never thought possible, and they managed to close entire depots thanks to their partnership with Adiona.

Adiona worked quickly to understand our business then delivered an innovative solution that drove measurable value within 4 weeks. We believe their products and expertise are a good fit for our business and continue to explore opportunities with Adiona.

Stuart Comino
Former General Manager for Direct to Consumer
Coca-Cola Euro-Pacific Partners


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