The name "Adiona" hails from the Roman Goddess of the Return Journey, particularly concerned with the safety of the young.  The future of urban life for future generations depends on Workforce Geo-Optimisation (WGO) to reduce carbon emissions and rationalise inefficient transport and commuting. 

Adiona was co-founded by Quang Huynh, a UNSW PhD candidate in Genetic Optimisation Algorithms, and Richard Savoie, an experienced professional Engineer and Commercialisation Executive with highly cited global patents.  Our advisors are deeply experienced experts in the transport, logistics, supply chain, and mobile workforce industries, and we are partnered with the UNSW Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI), creating a linkage to market for their world-first operations research. Learn more about our partnership on our R&D page.

Meet the team

Richard Savoie


Arsalan Etehad

Software Developer

Quang Huynh


Annette Phung

Marketing Coordinator

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