The right hire in the right place.

Location is the #2 factor people consider when choosing a new job. Short commutes are linked to improved physical and mental wellbeing, and longer tenure with a company.

TalentView allows recruiters to screen candidates by travel time, taking into account real traffic conditions. This way, recruiters can focus on the candidates who are more likely to convert into highly engaged employees. 

Powered by Adiona Commutalytics (TM)

Key features:
  • Map of all candidates, showing commute times and distances 

  • Customisable colour coding of candidates based on commute times

  • Contact the candidate to confirm their commute


Change goals and constraints as needed. Use real or near-real time data when possible.


Our tool integrates with your current applicant tracking system.


The app has been designed for simplicity and ease of use.


Use TalentView's data to shortlist more efficiently and increase conversion.

Screen Faster. Hire Locally.

TalentView is available on the Talent App Store, and you can try it for free.

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