Adiona Smart Cities

Advanced analytics and optimization analyses for both councils and consultants.  Cost-effective commuting and congestion analysis and optimization, carpooling, transport routing, and more. 

Optimization SaaS that simplifies, not complicates

Data Analysis

Councils and cities are collecting huge amounts of data. But are they using it efficiently and devising solutions that create meaningful change?  Look at your data quickly and get rapid insights with our easy to use API and mapping tools. Asset planning, transport, sensors, we like it all.

Transport Modeling

Seeing the data is just the first step in an adequate plan. Input your data into our advanced geo-optimization engine and use constraint-based mathematics to model scenarios.  Integrate our API into your existing planning tools for the fastest, cheapest insights on the market that are easy to experiment with.

Custom Insights


Pump up your in-house resources by letting us help you.  We are geo-nerds and specialize in rapid design and integration, white labeling, and attacking the hardest problems out there. Or use our API to develop your own solutions in-house.