Adiona SmartCare

Stability Through Mobility:

Designed for coordinators and carers, SmartCare helps you simplify, automate, and control your
workforce rostering with the most advanced optimization SaaS engine available.

SmartCare is powered by Adiona and designed for the growing home care industry. Traditional rostering is
inefficient and leads to wasted time on the road or at the wrong client. With SmartCare, you can:

  • Match staff skills and capabilities to the visit requirements automatically.

  • Optimize rosters for minimum cost and maximum coverage and respond to changes automatically.

  • Integrated mapping with automatic time and distance minimization.

  • Integration with top WFM solutions for seamless delivery in the field and back office including timesheets, case notes, and payroll.

Recruitment and Rostering


Optimize and localize your recruitment and rostering by integrating the Adiona API with your existing HR software.  Check out the latest Integrations and Partners.

Dynamic Scheduling

Right-size your resources with AI powered PhD level optimization mathematics. Reduce travel time and costs, maximize the number of clients serviced, and continually improve using feedback analysis and planning improvements.

Integration with your SaaS

Pump up your own WFM SaaS by building in our proprietary Workforce Geo-Optimization (WGO) Engine.  We specialize in rapid design and integration of white-labeled modules to get you delivering more value to your customers quickly.