Adiona Workforce for Retail

Traditional retail is under threat on many fronts, but rumors of the death of brick and mortar stores have been greatly exaggerated.

Human labor remains one of the highest yet most poorly managed and least optimized costs in most retail organizations.

And with the advance of the gig economy, employees are seeking flexibility and new incentives to stay loyal. There has never been a more important time to listen closely to their needs. Adiona WGO opens up new possibilities like optimized dynamic multi-site rostering and super-fast find & replace based on proximity.  Give your workforce a next generation experience and get an edge on the competition.

Recruitment and Rostering


Optimize and localize your recruitment and rostering by integrating the Adiona API with your existing HR software.  Check out the latest Integrations and Partners.



Turn your static workforce into a dynamic one by letting them access jobs anywhere you have them. Teams get more shifts, more opportunities, and your business gets up to 17% less turnover per year.

Custom Solutions


Pump up your in-house solution by building in our proprietary Workforce Geo-Optimization (WGO) Engine.  We specialize in rapid design and integration to get you saving money quickly.  See our Success Stories to learn how.