Commute hacks! Improve yours today so you can tolerate the delay

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

For many of us, the commute is the most difficult part of the day. Hours spent on the road or in the crowded train each week can quickly lead to frustration and ultimately, decreased well-being which can cost businesses millions each year. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your commute and, as a result, make the entire workday more enjoyable. 

The seemingly never-ending commute.

Use Staybil's workforce geo-optimization (WGO). Geo-optimization helps reduce the amount of time you're spending on the road, which offers the added benefit of reducing road congestion for your daily commute. Staybil allows you to swap shifts with co-workers in more geographically desirable locations, decreasing commute time and making smoother transitions to and from work. Haven't heard about WGO from your employer? Ask them if they're considering it and point them to the Staybil website.

Try a carpool program. Programs like Liftango allow workers to carpool into work together, including easier driver and passenger matching. By letting someone else do the driving, you can spend your usual commute doing other things, like checking your email, getting work done, or catching up on your socials (I mean, why not?). Just because you're not in the office yet doesn't mean you can't get a jump on the day! This easy option can make it simpler for employees across the business to handle the morning and evening commute, not to mention saving money, frustration, and environmental carbon for everyone involved.

Use company transport subsidies. What transportation is available in your local area? From providing assistance to employees who need to use public transportation, to offering gas cards and other benefits for employees with long commutes, companies are able to go a long way toward decreasing the stress of the commute and making it easier for employees to afford their travel. Company transport subsidies can also make it easier for employees who might otherwise struggle to get to work when they're running short on funds. These programs are designed to relieve the burden of the commuting process while encouraging public transportation use, which can make the commute smoother for everyone involved. Check out innovative companies like Luum that can help implement programs for you.

Provide flexible hours. There's a black hour every morning when your streets are clogged and it's almost impossible to get to work. Leave during this stretch of time, and you'll find yourself struggling to get to work on time. Employers who offer flexible working hours often discover that their employees are able to put more work in and arrive less frustrated. Employees may choose to come in earlier or later, avoiding the morning commute traffic. When you come in early, you can get home earlier--again dodging the commuter traffic--and when you come in later, staying a little late allows you to get just as much work done in your day while still skipping the traffic. 

Provide work-from-home opportunities. As a company, one of the most effective things that can be done for decreasing commute time and frustration is reducing the need for it altogether. Do your employees' daily tasks include a significant number that can be accomplished from home just as easily as they can be accomplished from the office? If so, allowing employees to work on a flexible basis can increase productivity and make it easier for them to take care of job responsibilities. Even better, the fewer employees you have on the road, the easier the commute to work--and parking on arrival--is for the employees who still need to come into the office each day.

Workforce geo-optimization is one of the few programs that focuses on saving money while shortening the commute process, rather than spending cash just to stem the bleeding. Staybil WGO revolutionizes the commuting experience, making it easier to get employees where they need to go in an increasingly gig-based economy, and it ensures they can get enough work to justify staying with your company. If you're ready to make that key shift in your business, contact us today to learn what makes Staybil different.