How Optimisation as a Service (OSaaS) is future-proofing logistics and supply chain businesses

Why OSaaS?

Optimization Software as a Service (OSaaS) is fast becoming a preferred solution for modern logistics, supply chain, and mobile workforce businesses. Traditional solutions are expensive and often time-intensive to implement. OSaaS fulfils an increasing demand for lower costs, faster service, streamlined business processes, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement, without requiring businesses to reinvent their processes with a new ERP or CRM.

While ERP systems are very important for end-to-end management of business operations, they are also difficult to customise as needed or to replace when outdated. By contrast, OSaaS solutions are specifically tailored to target the company’s pain points and to solve complex problems within the company’s unique context, on demand in real time.

The differentiators

There are three key features that differentiate OSaaS solutions from traditional optimisation solutions.

The first major difference is cost. When working with OSaaS, there is no need for high-cost IT infrastructure, because you’re effectively outsourcing these concerns to the OSaaS company.

The second major difference is ease of integration. Unlike traditional optimization solutions, OSaaS solutions seamlessly integrate with most existing ERPs via advanced APIs. You keep the core business processes that work for you, optimized and improved for greater efficiency and reduced cost.

The third major difference is speed of development. Because of their tailored approach, as well as the fast and flexible nature of their APIs, OSaaS companies are able to develop, iterate, and integrate the best solution in a short amount of time. Their fast feedback loop results in improved troubleshooting and better upgrades.

What to expect from Staybil

We use your existing data to create a baseline analysis of the efficiency of your workforce and supply chains. Then we use proprietary machine learning algorithms and APIs to transform your processes, and to help them reach an optimum level of performance. Finally, we integrate the new information back into your system for immediate and ongoing ROI.

Our solutions can be applied to many different spaces, including supply chain, logistics, last-mile delivery, workforce management, and recruitment. Our customers include ASX100 listed-companies that have prioritised reduced costs, modernised efficiency, boosted employee engagement, and reduced environmental impact.