Congestion: Slaying The Beast One Head At A Time

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

The “Dragon Bridge” in Da Nang, Vietnam is the perfect embodiment of the modern congestion Hydra. (Courtesy

Depending on where you call home, if you glance into the night sky around 9PM in April, you have a great chance of seeing the constellation Hydra.  The Hydra, a most evil Greek serpent, was banished to the sky after Hercules slew it, but not before he nearly succumbed to its tricks. You see, for every head that the hero lopped off, it promptly grew back two more in its place!

Urban congestion is today’s Hydra. Some amazing smart technologies in the public and private sectors are starting to tackle our debilitating traffic problems, yet congestion continues to grow and to ravage whole cities and local government areas.

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