Australian Research Council and UNSW Partner with Adiona on Next-Gen Logistics

Real-time dynamic optimisation of mobile fleets has long been a challenging subject and UNSW has a history of world-class Operations research on the subject. Their Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) is an innovative group of academic researchers exploring topics from Mobility As A Service (MaaS), transport and urban planning, smart cities, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, and of course, logistics optimisation.

The Australian Research Council has recognised the opportunity for furthering high-quality research by investing ARC-LP grant funding in a unique collaboration between rCITI and Adiona. Led by Prof Travis Waller, Sr Lecturer David Rey, Sr Lecturer Meead Saberi, and Adiona CEO Richard Savoie, "The ARC Linkage Program promotes national and international research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations and other publicly funded research agencies. By supporting the development of partnerships, the ARC encourages the transfer of skills, knowledge and ideas as a basis for securing commercial and other benefits of research."

Project Title: Stable on-demand optimisation for workforce and fleet logistics management.

Project Description: This project aims to conceive, develop and deploy innovative methodologies for stable on-demand workforce management and fleet logistics based on advanced decision-support systems. The outcome of this project will provide a new cloud-based real-time Optimisation Software-as-a-Service (OSaaS) platform that allows businesses to improve their productivity while reducing operating costs and their environmental footprint. This is expected to support the manufacturing, retail, delivery and mobile fleets industries.

Special thanks to Maria Lee, rCITI Centre Manager, for the images.