Adiona Wins National Environmental Excellence Award for Reducing Carbon Emissions From Logistics

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA), the premier industry body for Supply Chain professionals nationwide, honoured Adiona at their 58th Annual Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards (ASCLA) on Friday, 22nd November. The High Commendation Award was bestowed upon Adiona and co-nominee Coca-Cola Amatil for their world-leading partnership that his using Adiona optimisation technology to reduce consumer delivery times and increase efficiency, resulting in dramating carbon offsets.

Richard McKenzie, the Nationa Distribution Manager for Neverfail Water (a division of CCA), had the following recap of the night and it's meaning to the joint teams,

“On Friday night last week, 22nd November, I was sitting in the Grand Ballroom of Luna Park waiting the outcomes of the Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards (ASCLA). We were a co-nominee and finalist for the very first award of the night, the Environmental Excellence Award. Positive recognition of Neverfail for anything to do with either Environmental or Sustainability is validation of the importance of the work that we do and future value of our brand in such a socially and environmentally competitive consumer market.

Our co-nominee was Adiona, a Sydney start-up tech company that we were introduced to as part of the Amatil X Xcelerate initiative. Adiona was founded on the back of a passion to play their part in creating a cleaner, more efficient and less congested world centred on utilising cutting edge AI to drive workforce and resource optimisation in the real world. Together we trialled utilising their emerging expertise to optimise several routes and territories across Qld, Victoria and WA. This collaboration has in its early stages demonstrated some great gains in efficiencies, reducing overall kilometres, fuel costs and allowing our contractors to better utilise their time servicing our customers.

Although still early days, and when you consider that Neverfail has over 130 service areas across Australia, it is easy to see the advantages of seeking out opportunities to try new ways of working, exploring and embracing new technologies and being open to having a go at something new. A massive shout out to the Amatil X team and the great work that has been done in this space and the discoveries and opportunities it has presented to our business so far.

2020 will be a cornerstone year in Neverfail's journey into the future, and the work done with Adiona only reinforces the value and importance of looking ahead, challenging both yours and the business’s “norm” and having a willingness and passion to chase change for the better.”