Adiona's Response to COVID-19: Supporting local businesses at all costs.

Adiona is dedicated to doing our part to #flattenthecurve.  We applaud everyone working from home, and let's also not forget the heroes on the front lines including healthcare workers, essential retailers, sanitation workers, couriers, restaurants, and more.  These folks are out on the front lines risking their own health to enable the rest of us to quarantine more effectively.

We're working hard behind the scenes to enable products, food, pharmacy products, and other essential goods and services to reach consumers at home in unprecedented numbers and with minimal contact to reduce risk.

We are also offering free and discounted access to our last-mile delivery planning tools for SMEs, cafes, local businesses, and especially any business that is new to delivery needing assistance to make it viable without giving up a huge % to "you know who". 

Please share this to any business that needs help and we will personally consult with each and every one to give them the best solution. Apply here for details or contact directly.

Let's all do our best to support our local retailers in this trying time, however we can.