Adiona Logistics

You can't spell Supply Chain (or Adiona) without AI. 


Best in class advanced Artificial Intelligence-powered mathematics together with cloud-based mapping and route optimisation create a new world of efficiency and improved safety.  Check out our Success Stories to see it in action.

Optimisation software that simplifies, not complicates

Fast Analysis and Action

Don't recreate the wheel. Adiona's rapid analysis tools can tell where your efficiency is suffering using advanced machine learning and mathematics. Our in-house PhD data analysts understand what you are looking for and how to achieve it. Provide access to the data and see meaningful insights quickly.

Real time & configurable

Seeing the insights is just the first step. The API for our advanced geo-optimization engine uses constraint-based mathematics to optimise your processes based on capacity, cost, and safety.  Integrate our API into your existing ERP for the fastest, cheapest way to get meaningful results.

Automate & Optimize

See how Adiona slashed delivery time and distance by 48% and 36% respectively for Coca-Cola Amatil in less than 8 weeks without the need for extended consulting. And our always-available cloud architecture means the ROI keeps adding up.