Crush your commute.

You use maps for so many things in life, but why not for job searching?

Power up your existing job board with the power of Commutalytics - the first mapping integration made just for job search. This increases search relevance by 60%, markets jobs better, and help your applicants minimise their commute for better physical and mental wellbeing.

Key features:
  • Keep your existing search criteria with the addition of Commutalytics on our beautiful, proprietary mapping interface.

  • Integrates easily via our Restful API

  • Sort jobs by commute time and distance for car, public transport, bicycling, or walking.

  • View daily travel costs and carbon footprint.

Home is where the heart is, and with JobNimble, jobseekers can work as close to home as possible.

Why force your users to spend hours screening jobs? Let them know the exact location of each workplace, so that they can quickly find the perfect match.