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Here's How to Find an Ideal Delivery Route Optimisation Software

April 27, 2021

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Excessive orders, multiple deliveries, traffic, refilling the fuel tank, tires getting punctured, route uncertainties - the list of challenges in fulfilling deliveries is almost endless.

To solve such problems, investing in the best delivery route optimisation software is essential. It helps the planner to manage the route and fleet effectively and achieve better control on their supply chain.

Attributes of an ideal delivery route optimisation software

A delivery route optimisation software should be capable of best fleet routing, vehicle routing, route planning, and routing strategy optimisation. In addition to these, there are certain more attributes that matter. Here are some such features that you should seek to find an ideal route optimisation software for your business.

Web accessibility

The route optimisation software you choose should be accessed via the web. The user can log in straight into their account of the software via the website on the browser. Web accessibility is an important parameter when it comes to real-time delivery solutions.

Multi-route feature

A logistic company has so many vehicles in every fleet to serve multiple call requests of pickups and drops. Thus to get the feasible shortest route map visualisation is key. This allows the drivers and fleet managers to identify the most feasible shortest route. So a logistics optimisation software should have a multi-route feature.

Fast processing

There is no use of multi-stop and other functionalities if the software does not process rapidly in real-time. Since the drivers and fleet managers need to deal quickly in real-time the logistics optimisation result should come fast for every request received.

Universal format data

You need to feed as well as take out data from the system for data analysis. Thus it is vital to choose a supply chain optimisation software that supports universal formats such as .xls, .pdf,.csv, etc. There is no sense in buying a delivery route optimisation system that does not allow you to to-and-fro data with ease.


This feature is important because there are various situations where power failure and technical errors occur. In such scenarios, autosave functionality proves to be of utmost importance. This prevents loss of data and updations as it saves frequently automatically.

So look for these must-have features while choosing delivery route optimisation software.

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