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Desired Features of a Supply Chain Optimisation Software in 2021

February 2, 2021

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A logistics platform serves the purpose of maximising customer value. It provides effective ways possible to help achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Further, a good logistics optimisation software aids in quick transportation, inventory,warehousing, and logistics arrangements to ensure the efficient flow of products, data, and finances. Honestly, it is hard for major companies to do without a robust supply chain optimisation software.

So to understand what features your company needs, we have curated a list of the most sought after features. Take a look at them to make an informed decision.

5 Desired features of Supply Chain Optimisation Software in 2021

1. Order and billing management

The desired feature of supply chain management is a robust order and billing management. Software solutions make the life of an operations manager easy creating orders and billing clients from one location. The supply chain solution should be flexible enough to meet the unique order needs and required adjustments.

2. Inventory management

You need to manage your inventory properly to run the supply chain smoothly and efficiently. It should help properly store and manage raw materials, finished goods, and spare parts. Real-time SCM tools help you make the right decisions notifying the required changes in inventory.

3. Warehouse management

Logistics management software allows companies to optimise stock to keep up with accuracy and efficiency. It optimises the entire supply chain process and prevents complications.  

4. Forecasting

You need SCM software with a forecasting feature to plan resources and production and foresee customer demand. This way companies can eliminate the need for purchasing too many raw materials or stocking extra finished goods. It reduces the cost as well as inventory space.

5. End-to-end visibility

It is the most desired feature of the SCM solution to provide visibility from beginning to end of the supply chain. Immediate access to supply chain information ensures the prevention of issues like missing goods and unsatisfied customers. The real-time capabilities of an SCM solution allow your company to respond to quick changes and retrieve real-time analytics that helps to make future decisions.

Now, as you underst and the desired features of supply chain optimisation software, it’s time to figure out which SCM software will manage your operations.

Adiona Tech can help you find the most suitable SCM software for your organisation. Get in touch today to explore your best options.

AdionaTech can help you find the most suitable SCM software for your organisation. Get in touch today to explore your best options.