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5 Must-Know Tips to ImproveYour Delivery Efficiency in 2021

January 20, 2021

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Delivery efficiency is imperative for your field service business. It not only impacts your employee’s productivity but also provides a positive customer experience.It can be difficult to achieve delivery route optimization that meets all your business needs and helps you run a profitable business. But, with the right supply chain optimization technology, it can be easily achieved.

Here are 5 tips to effectively improve your delivery efficiency with logistics optimization technology and planning.

5tips to improve delivery efficiency

1. Set priorities

By setting order priorities, you can efficiently organize deliveries. This way,you can work based on the importance of certain customers and stops on a specified calendar date. When you define the priorities, the algorithm gets to know the order to follow for route optimization. At the time of resource constraints, the low priority or later orders can be shifted to later dates.

2.Work on commitments

With increasingly commoditized products and services, customers have an increasing expectations. Particularly, customers want to companies who deliver at the promised time. According to Mckinsey,  “on-time in-full” (OTIF) has become one of the most important delivery metrics that measures“the extent to which shipments are delivered to their destination according to both the quantity and schedule specified on the order”. Businesses risk their brand image if the commitments are not met.  

3.Optimize space and time

With a flexible and controllable solution, you can make needed adjustments to your route dynamically. Swap the vehicle routes, move orders, or re-optimize the delivery schedule to minimize the wastage of space and time. Always review the impact of the adjustments before putting them into action.

4.Minimize error rate

Last-mile delivery can be a complicated task with too much uncertainty, and you may feel exhausted just thinking about it. However, doing everything right is crucial for saving costs and working efficiently. A high error rate could waste all the previous efforts. When competitors are doing the same thing, the one who does it better gains advantages.

5.Use delivery route optimization software

A delivery route optimization software helps you get ahead with less effort. It help syou make better, data-driven decisions. It provides you the ability to plan,organize, track, communicate, analyze, and modify operations.