Adiona Workforce

Stability Through Mobility:

Solutions for localized recruitment, optimal cost-minimized rosters, and custom optimizations integrated with your existing systems.

Optimization SaaS that simplifies, not complicates

Recruitment and Rostering

Optimize and localize your recruitment and rostering by integrating the Adiona API with your existing HR software.  Check out the latest Integrations and Partners.


Turn your static workforce into a dynamic one by letting them access jobs anywhere you have them. Teams get more shifts, more opportunities, and your business gets up to 17% less turnover per year.

Custom Solutions

Pump up your in-house solution by building in our proprietary Workforce Geo-Optimization (WGO) Engine.  We specialize in rapid design and integration to get you saving money quickly.  See our Success Stories to learn how.

Recruitment - For Applicants

'Location is the #2 most important factor in choosing a new employer in the U.K. & Australia, and #4 in the U.S.' according to the Gartner 2018 Global Labor Market Survey.

Make job listings 60% more relevant and increase conversion by letting applicants see where jobs are in real time, their commute metrics for the given shifts, and how it compares to their current job.

Recruitment - For Volume Recruiters

Local employees are more loyal and are proven to stay with your organization longer. Find and screen for the best candidates by knowing their commute and its reliability, and reassign great candidates to job locations that make the most sense. Ensure maximum coverage even as your openings are changing.

Rostering with auto matching and optimization

Simplify, automate, and control your
workforce rostering with the most advanced optimization engine available.  

Match staff skills and capabilities to job requirements automatically, optimize rosters for minimum cost and maximum coverage. With integrated mapping with automatic time and distance minimization.

Redeployment - Dynamic Rostering and Find & Replace

Reduce your workforce turnover by offering more shifts in the right places. Pump up your rostering and Find & Replace processes by knowing and acting on the commute information of your workforce.  Ensure a minimum liveable wage by opening up opportunities to make your static workforce a dynamic one.

Custom Solutions & Commutalytics

Adiona's WGO technology can uncover a wealth of information and actions for any organization. Considering an office move or new location(s)?  Considering transport incentive programs or carpooling? Considering regionalizing your operations or consolidating them?  We can help you quickly understand the impact on your people and bottom line. Contact us today.