Stability Through Mobility:
The Optimisation AI Experts

As labour costs and operational complexity increase, organisations are under pressure to optimise their assets.


Staybil provides a toolbox of customisable algorithms that can be integrated into existing systems to attain best-in-breed optimisation more quickly and cheaply than the alternatives, including new startup platforms.

"Staybil drove measurable value within 4 weeks. We believe their products and expertise are a good fit for our business"

- Stuart Comino, GM of DTC at Coca-Cola Amatil


Global Beverage Company

  • Problem: Poor drop productivity due to inefficient scheduling and routing.

  • Our Approach: Integration of automated scheduling and routing algorithms to existing ERP and delivery systems.

  • Results: -$10M OPEX & 100X ROI (Drive time -48%, Distance -36%, Fleet Size -20%)

Last Mile Delivery Company

  • Problem: Point-to-point delivery is inefficient and unscalable.

  • Our Approach: Integration of smart automated demand bundling, job-matching, and routing algorithms.

  • Results: 2.5x job scheduling speed, 15% volume increase, and 30% reduction in workforce turnover.


Change goals and constraints as needed. Use real or near-real time data when possible.


Integration with industry standard ERP and business systems like SAP, Dynamics, and many more. 


We take the time to understand your particular challenges and tailor the right solution together.


Data is power and we help unlock the power already held in your existing data sources.

Unlock the power of your data to gain efficiency.

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