Adiona is award-winning AI-powered solutions that improve productivity and reduce costs while simplifying operations.


Our API integrates with your existing software instead of trying to replace it. 


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we are the AI Optimization experts.

The AI Optimization Experts.

Adiona Solutions:

Cost, time, and distance minimization for Supply Chain and delivery

Auto-scheduling and real-time route optimization

Optimized recruitment, auto-rostering, and workforce deployment

Commutalytics, custom integrations, and Smart Cities analyses

For Adiona Industries:

Logistics and

Supply Chain

Mobile and Facility-based Healthcare and Aged Care



Facilities Management

Field Force & Service

Retail and Food Service

We have won more awards than any other AI Optimization company:

(just a sampling)


Visualize your operations and workforce and use machine learning to see where inefficiencies can be improved.

Analyze how algorithms can benefit your bottom line, your workforce, and the planet on an intelligent dashboard.

Take action. Choose how and where to integrate various optimizations with your existing software. Watch the ROI pile up.




How does it impact real companies?  Read our Success Stories:

Adiona is built on a clever and proprietary combination of AI-powered PhD-level AI, machine learning, and optimization mathematics in harmony with transport APIs, GIS, and under-utilized enterprise data.

Our flexible API is designed to integrate with your existing ERP, CRM, and WFM and provide dynamic visibility and value across the entire organization. We're partnered with some of the best SaaS providers and are constantly adding more.

Who We Are

The name "Adiona" hails from the Roman Goddess of the Return Journey, particularly concerned with the safety of the young.  The future of urban life for current and future generations depends on Workforce Geo-Optimization (WGO) to reduce carbon emissions and rationalise inefficient transport.  Adiona is dedicated to the art and science of using data, machine learning, and AI to reduce mobile fleet costs while helping to create a sustainable urban future for us all.  Our algorithm engine enables a wide array of workforces to be in the right location at the right time, all the time, and helps organizations save big on operations using AI and intelligent automation. We also include Chain of Responsibility constraints to maximize safety.

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